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Use Social Media to Expand Your Business

  1. Use social media to provide valuable information and engage new clients
  2. Start blogging 2-3x per week to reach out to new prospects
  3. Send out bi-monthly email newsletters to stay top of mind when it comes time to buy your products or services.
  4. Read the articles below to learn how to use Social Media to promote your business
Social Media Strategy? Sending random tweets and updating Facebook status is not enough. Contact Katy for your own custom social media strategy to engage new clients.

Use Twitter to Expand Your Business

1. Use Hootsuite or TweetAdder to schedule your tweets throughout the day. Some people (like me) send tweets when they have the time and end up sending a bunch at one time. But I’ve learned it’s much better to schedule your tweets using a tool like Hootsuite or TweetAdder and send 15-20 tweets throughout the day. This way you will gain more Klout.

2. Klout is a measure of your influence in the Twittersphere. I noticed that Twitter users with more followers than followees had higher Klout scores. Some people will follow a whole bunch of people just to get them to follow them back. This is not the best strategy. The best thing to do is to follow people you are interested in following and who are important in your industry.

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How to Use Twitter for Your Business - Part 1

1. What is Twitter? is a website where you can send short messages to the public. You create an account and start sending 140 character messages. These messages are called tweets. People follow you and they can see your tweets on their home page, much like your wall on Facebook. And you follow them and you can see their tweets on your home page. See my tweets here:

2. Twitter is a conversation. You can reply to other people’s tweets and they reply to yours and that way you can have a 2 way conversation.

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10 Tips to Promote Your Facebook Page

In my last newsletter, I wrote about How to create a Facebook page to promote your business on With 10 days left until Christmas, I have provided 10 tips on how to promote your Facebook page so you will get many new visitors. I hope you find these tips helpful. Thank you very much for receiving my newsletter. Send me your questions and topics for future newsletters. Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

1. Create Fresh content so people will like to visit your Fan page. One of the best ways to do this is to import your blog content into your Fan page. Simply RSS provides an easy way to add feeds to your profile. Now you can easily share your blog, favourite feeds and shared items in Google Reader on your fan page.

2. Try Static FBML – This is a Facbook App that adds functionality to your Fan page. It addes a box to your page in which you can render HTML or FBML (Facebook Markup Language) for enhanced Page customization. More info on using FBML on Facebook.

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