Make Your Business Stand Out Online Today

Having an eye catching online persona isn't just a good idea, it's a vital necessity. In the age of the internet most marketing and sales are generated through online campaigns. There are several avenues you can take and it's best to jump on top of them all to reach as many potential customers as possible. You want to be maximising your selling potential. You don't want to be randomly pitching your product or idea to people that aren't interested. Getting online is a fantastic way targeting your chosen market audience. Anyone would agree that it's much better to advertise to one hundred people who actually want what your selling rather than to a thousand people and only fifty of them are actually interested. So get your company online now!

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   Once you've decided to create an online persona for your brand you'll quickly find out how chaotic and competitive e market can be for any product. You will be competing against multiple company advertisements and you might start to think why have you bothered. Well that's where being specific about who you are targeting comes into play. There are a few basics you'll need before you start shouting out to the world ‘Look at me!’. Let's tick hem off first.

Company Website

This will be your bread and butter and your flag ship. It's important to create a website for your company that's easy to navigate. If it's all cogs and wheels people will be confused and leave. Make it user friendly. There's lots of ways you can create a good website at little cost. Once it's up and running your going to need people viewing it. Having your website appear on search engines is going to be key. You want your website to be the first thing people see when they search for your product. It can be tricky to gain this sort of popularity alone and seeking help from outside companies isn't a bad idea. Check out this link for more ideas on how to boost your site to the top of a search engines page.

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Social Media

This is where the average Jo Bloggs spends most of their time online. Wether at work or home people just can't help themselves anymore. They're checking what's happening in their social bubble and keeping up to date constantly. You want your company to be a part of it and not just a small part of it either. Make yourself the reason people are clicking themselves into the matrix. What will you have that's exciting , new and on trend. It's going to be difficult staying popular but completely worth it. Here's a couple of popular sites you will be wanting to make a profile on.


A picture speaks a thousand words. Click, click and you've posted effortlessly. This app allows you to hashtag words you want to stand out that relate to you. This means that others interested in those subjects will be checking out what you've got to show. This app is becoming more and more popular and is a great way to sell products through external influencers. Having models, entrepreneurs, personalities advertise your product on here is a eat way to go. If they've racked up millions of followers then that's the specific market you want to be hitting.


Good for news and keeping in touch with friends. Having an account here will give your company an online official stamp. People can contact you on this app if they have any issues or questions with your product which brings a real personal touch to your business. This will help to create a loyalty between your brand and the customer. This is a great place to create links to your product so that people can make purchases. Posting videos here will get you a lot of attention and can be linked with your very own YouTube channel.


This is a popular site with celebrities. Having a strong voice on here can really gain you followers. If people like what your saying they will buy into it.theres a limit to the amount you can say per post so keep it snappy. It's also completely free to start up.

Linked In

Is all about networking here. Expanding your business potential. Work together with other like minded people towards success. Getting feedback on what your doing from respect professional opinions is a great way to grow. It will take time and dedication to make your presence known here but will be worth it if you can stick with it.

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Now that you've set up accounts, most of which allow you to do so as a business or company, it's time to let people know what your all about. All posting is a form of blogging whether it's just one picture or a thousand words but having an actual blog is a great way of allowing people to stay in touch with what's going on. Welcome the public into your company. Let them view from a distance and show them all the exciting things that are happening day to day. You can then start to develop a relationship with the customers you have and also reach out to future clients.

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When’s best to post?

Posting anytime is beneficial but let's think again about how we can be more specific. Think about what audience you are trying to reach? When will they be most likely to check what's happening. If you post at ten in the morning but your customers crave the nightlife then your post will be lost in their feed amongst millions of others. People tend to look at the apps on their phones when travelling to and from work. This means that their will be a lot of ‘online traffic’. The internet will be busy with avid viewers. This makes it a great time to post.

If people don't know about you then how can they be interested in what you have to say. Put yourself out there. Be bold and as creative as possible.