How to Get Higher Google Rankings with Article Marketing

Article marketing is becoming increasingly popular on the Internet. Instead of reading ads that are pushy or in your face, consumers are more likely to read informational, how-to articles. Instead of writing why you’re the best real estate person in all of Vancouver, you can write an article on “How to Buy a House in Vancouver” and discuss the general process while giving good tips and free advice.

At the end of every article you get to add your information - your name and business name including a link to your website. This personal closing encourages readers to click on the link to visit your website to learn more about you and your business.

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3 Reasons to use Article Marketing

1. Higher Traffic
Large directory sites like have huge amounts of traffic because they have thousands of articles about topics that readers want to read. So by posting an article on a high traffic site, you can generate more traffic to your own website.

2. More Backlinks
The links from your article to your website also increase the number of links to your website. This will help your search ranking improve on sites like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

3. Credibility and Authority
When people read information that you have published with your name, logo and business name, they are more likely to trust you. The more articles that you have posted on different article directories, the more likely you are to build strong credibility.

How to distribute your articles online to large audiences?
A. Submit your articles to large article directories
B. Write press releases and distribute them across the Internet
Here are some excellent websites to help you do just that:
This website has a free membership where all new members can submit 10 articles to prove the quality of your articles. After your first 10 article submissions meet the posted editorial guidelines, you can be upgraded to Platinum level. This allows unlimited article submissions and priority approval speed in getting your articles posted on their high-traffic website. Every article that you submit is reviewed by a person on their in-house editorial team.
Press release packages at start at $80.00 per news release. The basic package allows you to attach your web site, provide contact information so those interested can find out more about your business, and chose two regional targets so you can focus in on your market. packages start with 2 premium featured releases for only $23.50 each. They give this tip on writing your press releases: Remember that your audience isn't your customers. Your audience consists of journalists.

To appeal to the fact-oriented mind of a journalist, you need to give them the facts about your product or service, hard data that shows why your product or service is good and news-worthy. If you do this, they are more likely to print your press release.

I hope you find this information helpful on how writing articles and press releases can increase your search engine ranking. You can find my last month's newsletter here: 10 Tips on How to Use Social Media and Facebook Pages.

Enhance Your Visibility! Contact Katy for free 30 minute Skype consultation. Only 5 time slots available.


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