You're Bleeding Customers Online! Let's Heal The Wound

Perhaps this sounds familiar? Your website had been online for a short while and seemed to be doing quite well with customers and users, attracting a lot of interest. Then, suddenly, the number of customers started to drop off, and your site began to experience lower levels of profitability. What happened? You were doing so well! Well, here’s some of the reasons why your site might be bleeding customers and how to fix it.

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No Security

One of the key problems might be a lack of security. This may not have affected you before, but recently Google has implemented changes to make sure that secure websites get a suitable warning that customers can see as soon as they click on. In short, there is a label of ‘not secure’ that will appear with the domain of your site. Indeed, the most recent update only arrived last month, so it’s possible you’ve only just started to see the effect of this.

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The solution is to make sure that you are increasing the security of your site, switching to HTTPS. You can find out how to do this online at, or you can speak with a web developer. They should be able to transfer your website to this for you and keep your site secure for customers. It could take a little time before customers bounce back but eventually, they will.

Slow Looooads…

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Yes, it’s possible that the reason customers are no longer interested in your site is due to the speed of it. If a site is too slow, customers are going to get bored and look for an alternative. They may stop visiting your site completely after a certain time. The good news is that this is easily fixable.

Usually, a problem with a sites speed is due to the fact that the site isn’t being hosted at all. If that’s the case, then you need to change this quickly. Hosting a site will give you a bought area of the internet. If you don’t host it, you are simply renting a space, and that comes with restrictions such as how much information you can upload. Load up too much, and the site’s speed will be greatly reduced. Hosting isn’t that expensive and compared to other business costs it won’t even make a dent in your budget.

Another issue could be a problem behind the scenes and may be related to your computer network. According to, issues like this are easy to fix but only with expert help. Without it, you can end up in a serious situation where your site continues to lose customers and users. The good news is that with a proper tech service trouble with your site can be fixed in minutes.

Boring Design

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Or, perhaps you’re losing users to your site because the design is simply boring, dull and plain. There are millions of sites online, and if you want to get customers, you have to stand out. There are various ways to do this, but our recommendation would be to use a pro web designer. You need to give users something memorable enough that they will keep coming back for more.

Using this advice, you can make sure you heal the wounds of your business and stop bleeding key customers.