Find New Sources Of Income To Support Your Entrepreneur Lifestyle

As an entrepreneur, you share a set of personality traits with some of the most successful people in the world. You know when to take risks, and you know when it’s best to wait for seeds to bloom. Perhaps a lot of this is instinct? Or maybe you’ve spent a lot of years watching, training, learning, and experimenting? Now you have a business that you’re proud of, but you’re itching to extend your reach and your success further. So where to next?

Trading and Investing

With that gut instinct of yours, you might be keen to make big money quick. You might even have heard of some success stories of people playing the markets and making thousands in just a week. Let’s face it, we’re all keen to turn a little cash into a big pot in as little time as possible. But before you go taking risks with what you’ve worked hard to learn, consider finding a company that can teach you the best way to play the trading or investment game. You can find a few on Facebook that specialises in this niche. Put in the training and you might reap more reward.

Is it all about the money or is it more the win? Credit

Tell Your Story

If you’ve made your life into a success, then why aren’t you sharing that story? Everyone loves to hear about the person that came from nothing, worked hard, and made a life for themselves. There are plenty of ways you can do this. You might start a blog offering advice and tips for other up-and-coming entrepreneurs. This takes a lot of work, so you might prefer to hire a copywriter to take this on for you.

Another option is to write a book. Anyone who is anyone is publishing self-help books and how-to guides to encourage others to have a go. Once it’s written, you can self-publish with zero cost. Then you can sit back and watch the money roll in. Of course, you might have to be fairly nifty at marketing to get any sales! Audiobooks often require some investment to make sure the production is a high standard. The market for these is growing rapidly.

If you have something to say, share it with others that want to listen. Credit

Consider using PR to build a reputation as a voice of authority. Share newsworthy tidbits about your industry or area of specialism. Always include a quote, and send the press release to a journalist you’ve built a rapport with. Offer to help out with upcoming stories as often as possible. Seek opportunities to guest post on other blog sites of reputation and offer interviews. All of this can lead to further sales of your books or products across all your businesses. Most importantly, it can help you launch something new.

Something New

If you’re looking for new products or services you can get behind, then why not browse the crowdfunding websites? There are regular pleas for financial support from up-and-coming companies. They often really need some help with their marketing and investments. You could be the person to show them the way. Where will your expertise take you next?