5 Ways To Speed Up Productivity With Software

Digital technology is constantly accelerating the rate at which we conduct business. New software is constantly being developed to speed up previously time-consuming tasks. Here are just a few ways that you can speed up your business’ productivity with software.

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Automate financial calculations

Manually calculating taxes and expenses can be a long and arduous job. Accountancy software can speed up the job by automatically calculating this for you. Similarly, if you spend every pay-day manually working out what to pay your employees, it could be worth using a W2 2016 programme. You may be able to save money on the cost of hiring an accountant if you’re a small business – software may be able to do much of the job for you.

Share information quickly using the cloud

Cloud storage allows you to store information on a remote server. All your employees can view this information at any time from any location. This may allow two people to access a document at the same time rather than having to wait until one person is out of the document as on a local server. Diaries and rotas can also be shared and accessed easily by using cloud software and can be edited at any point. Rather than having to rely on a rota stuck on a wall or check a diary in the office, your employees can check this information any time on their phone.

Host virtual meetings

Meetings can take up hours of the day, especially if you have to travel far to get to these meetings. Using video-communication software can allow you to conduct meetings without anyone having to leave their office. This can not only save time but save money spent on travel. You can even use video-communications to give virtual tours to clients, to interview potential applicants or to give presentations.

Flexibly monitor work progress

Rather than having to arrange constant meetings to stay in the loop, you can use software to manage people’s work progress. Such software could allow you to distribute tasks and then employees can tick off these tasks once they’ve done or provide proof such as a link to a document or a response from a client. You may even be able to use software to keep everyone on the same page, keeping a virtual record of all the tasks each person has been set so that each person can check what has and hasn’t been completed.

Sign documents electronically

There are now apps that can allow others to sign documents electronically. Rather than having to mail a contract out to someone to sign and then wait days for them to send it back, such an app allows a document to signed there and then using a touchscreen device. Such software can also help your business to become more paperless – many letters and forms can already be emailed, but now documents that need signing can also be digitised.